Friday, January 9, 2015



Cosmetic dentistry is the best way to improve your smile, whether you have missing or damaged teeth, gaps between your teeth, or your teeth have been discolored or stained. At Elite Dental, your  Fresno dentist, Dr. Mann offers a variety of solutions to these cosmetic woes:

Stained Teeth

There are quite a few options available today to brighten stained teeth, such as whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, whitening trays, and porcelain veneers.

Whitening toothpaste and strips work to break up stains using peroxide. Results usually appear in two to four weeks, and the cost is usually low compared to other methods of teeth whitening. Over-the-counter versions of whitening trays lighten teeth one or two shades; however, whitening trays that are custom-fit by your dentist provide better results at a higher cost. Zoom!® teeth whitening is one of the most popular whitening methods, because it lightens teeth up to eight shades and takes just about an hour.

Cracked or Worn Teeth

Cracked teeth can be very painful when chewing or when exposed to extreme temperatures. If left untreated, the pulp (inner tissue of the tooth) can become damaged and is more susceptible to infection. This is considered to be a complex crack. When this is the case, the tooth may require root canal therapy before a crown is placed. Simple cracks that do not affect the pulp can be treated with a crown (cap) or inlay/onlay on the tooth. Dental crowns can also restore a tooth that is broken or severely worn down.

Crooked Teeth

Many people have overlapping, twisted, or crooked teeth. This can be caused by the upper jaw not falling in line with the lower jaw or when the mouth is too small for the teeth. Depending on how crooked your teeth are, porcelain veneers may be a good option. Your natural teeth will be shaved down and molds will be taken to produce veneers that will cover your teeth. The thin shells of porcelain are then fastened on the front of the teeth to mask crookedness. If your teeth are extremely crooked, Dr. Mann may recommend orthodontics before or instead of porcelain veneers.

Chipped Teeth

Direct composite dental bonding is used to fill chips in teeth with a substance that is similar in color and texture to your natural teeth. It is one of the most common and least expensive cosmetic dental procedures. Porcelain veneers can also be used to cover a chipped tooth.

Missing Teeth

Titanium dental implants look just like natural teeth and can be placed into the tooth’s pocket, acting as artificial tooth roots. If you are tired of wearing dentures, dental implants may be a better option if you are missing a few or all of your teeth.

For all your cosmetic dentistry needs,Dr. Mann cosmetic dentist in fresno can help you decide which dental procedure is right for you. Feel free to call our office today at (559) 797-4355.